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Identify and engage with your ideal audience and help your customers find your brand and products easily and effortlessly.

Impactful Strategy

Our expert solutions boost customer engagement across all digital marketing platforms and empower you to be where your clients are.

NUOVA Digital lets you establish a deep emotional connection with your customers and run marketing campaigns that resonate with them.

Thrive and grow with our human-centered marketing services.

Digital Strategy

Make Your Brand Stand Out and Win the Market

Transform your brand into a digital powerhouse with our data-driven strategy! We carefully analyze the digital landscape of your industry, feel the pulse of your audiences, and study the competition.

Our experts delve deep into your customers’ needs and use all the data to engineer unforgettable digital experiences that set you apart. Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all approaches, and get ready to stand out from the crowd with a digital strategy based on solid, data-backed insights

How do we tailor your digital strategy?

Thoroughly study your brand: We acquire a complete and precise picture of your brand values, visions, goals, and challenges.

Get to know your products: Our team analyzes every aspect and detail of your business and your product. The NUOVA Digital experts learn all the purposes, functions, and features of your products to know what makes them unique and better than other similar products.

Analyze your customers in detail: Our experts specify your ideal customer and research their needs, pain points, and desires. We get into the deepest details possible, including their demographics, location, occupation, daily habits, and interests. Then, we identify how your products solve their problems and the entire customer journey.

Carefully study your market and industry landscape: We study your competitors to spot weaknesses in their approaches that we can capitalize on. Our experts compare your products with your competitors’ products to specify your unique selling proposition and the key elements determining your success.

Develop your tailor-made digital strategy: We turn all the information collected into valuable, actionable insights and develop a digital strategy that is best suited to your unique needs and goals. The NUOVA Digital creative agency equips you with the roadmap that will let you disrupt your industry’s digital landscape.

Marketing Strategy

Take Your Business To New Heights of Prosperity

Our secret to ensuring your success lies in our unwavering commitment to optimization, ensuring that your marketing plan is always ahead of the game.

With a focus on progress tracking and identifying key factors that drive success, you can rest assured that your marketing strategy will continuously evolve in line with the changing industry and market parameters. With NUOVA Digital, you embrace the power of optimization with our dynamic, results-driven marketing solution!

How do we tailor your marketing strategy?

Define your goals: We’re fully invested in identifying the best strategy for achieving your goals, which requires a perfect understanding of these goals. The NUOVA Digital marketing experts take the time to get a full grasp of your aspirations and desired outcomes.

Develop & implement the best-tailored marketing strategy: With a clear idea and vision of your goals in mind, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan and put it into action.

Monitor progress: Throughout the process, we continuously monitor progress, test different methods, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure we reach your goals.

Evaluate success and adjust accordingly: Finally, we evaluate the success of our efforts against the expected results. Taking into account external and internal factors, our experts identify areas for improvement and adjust the strategy to deliver the best results for you.

SEO Strategy

Top Rankings on Search Engines Made Easy

Put your website on the path to success with a well-planned and executed SEO strategy. Our Google Search experts stay on top of the latest changes in Google algorithms and policies. We utilize best practices to boost your online visibility, drive more traffic, and increase your search engine rankings.

How do we tailor your SEO strategy?

Monitor campaigns and learn from them: Tracking the progress, key performance parameters, and the results from every campaign allows experts to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Create and run optimized campaigns: The data collected in the previous step provides valuable insights that can make your next campaigns a triumph.

Monitor and optimize again: Optimizing marketing campaigns consistently will ultimately ensure their success. This will build a strong relationship with your target audience and drive growth.

Digital Marketing

Break Boundaries and Revenue Records

Modern marketing is a combination of cutting-edge technology, multiple channels, various strategies, and a multitude of approaches. Making the most out of this complex blend requires top-notch expertise and experience. The NUOVA Digital team of marketing experts has years of marketing experience and many successful projects under their belts.

How do we manage your digital marketing?

A combination of advanced tools: The NUOVA Digital experts study your competitors and conduct thorough research to come up with insights like keywords, keyword intent, search volume, and keyword difficulty.

Website audit: We perform a comprehensive analysis of your website, including a review of your analytics, on-page and off-page SEO, website performance, errors, and toxic backlinks.

SEO strategy development and implementation: With this information available, we develop and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings and boost your online visibility.

Keeping track and reporting: We regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of your website and provide you with detailed monthly reports. To ensure the best performance, we adjust your SEO strategies accordingly.

Content Marketing

Foster Meaningful Customer Communication & Engagement on Every Digital Channel

Customer retention and engagement are about how and what a brand communicates to existing and potential clients. We help you find the voice and tone that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your audiences. Working with us, you have your content planning, production, and distribution managed effectively and effortlessly.

From social posts and ads to articles and whitepapers to videos and podcasts – our experts craft the content that best matches your context.

How do we manage your content marketing?

Find your voice and tone: We carefully study your brand identity and values to define your brand message and voice. Then, we look at your target audience. Using the latest research tools, we identify the tone of voice and the language that will enable you to get your message across and inspire your audience to take action.

Study the market & the competition: Our experts examine the context of your industry and competitors. We spot areas in brand communication that can be improved and identify ways to let your business stand out and draw the audience’s attention.

Create your content strategy: We, at NUOVA Digital, know that outstanding marketing never happens by accident. So, developing a customized content strategy is the second step of the content marketing journey we take together. We pinpoint your goals and devise a well-thought-over plan for achieving them.

Execute and track progress: Our content creators implement the content strategy tailored to your brand and your audience and voice your message. We keep track of the content performance and collect the data necessary to evaluate the efficiency of your strategy.

Attract, captivate, engage, and motivate your audience: Our content marketing experts are consuming culture consistently to stay abreast with current trends. This awareness, combined with the valuable insights into your content marketing effectiveness, allows us to optimize as we go and maximize engagement.

Partnerships we’ve built

Featured Projects


Helped ClickGUARD do a complete makeover with a design that effectively communicates the company's value proposition.

Branding • Web Design • Development

Check how we designed & built 40+ pages in Webflow.

See Case Study

SOLO Fintech

Helped SOLO become the first digital accounting platform in Romania.

Web Design • SaaS Dashboard

Check how SOLO won over 3000 clients in their first activity year.

See Case Study


Modernizing SerpNames with a complete new design for their website and SaaS web app.

Web Design • SaaS Dashboard

Check how we designed the web app's functionality with a user-friendly interface.

See Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep up with the latest trends and strategies of digital marketing?

Staying abreast with state-of-the-art marketing trends is essential for delivering on our promises and driving the best results for tech companies and startups. To always be on top of the game, we make sure to:

  1. Regularly attend industry conferences and events
  2. Participate in ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  3. Read industry publications, blogs, and thought-leadership content from experts in the field
  4. Have an extensive network of marketing professionals to collaborate with on a regular basis.

How do you identify the best marketing strategy for a business?

Our digital marketing team analyzes the specific industry landscape, target audience, and goals. We take into account both internal and external factors to create a comprehensive tailor-made marketing strategy for the particular company.

What sets your services apart from the services of other digital marketing agencies?

Our marketing services differ from other marketing agencies in several ways.

  • A customized approach to each client. As a result, we create bespoke marketing strategies tailored to their specific requirements, needs, goals, and target audience.
  • Combining creative marketing tactics with data-driven insights. We use marketing and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and make informed decisions.
  • Experienced marketing professionals passionate about delivering results for our clients. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and showing measurable results that help our clients grow their businesses.

How are communications and reporting organized during the campaign?

At NUOVA Digital, our top priority is to keep our clients informed and up-to-date by

  • Regular virtual meetings: We schedule regular meetings to provide updates and receive feedback on our work. This helps us ensure that we are always on the same page.
  • Progress reports: We provide detailed progress reports on a regular basis that outline the results of our efforts.
  • Open communication: We encourage open communication to answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

How do you manage campaign budgets?

At NUOVA Digital, we understand the importance of managing budgets effectively and avoiding overspending. That’s why we always provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. Here's how:

Budget planning: During the planning stage of a campaign, we work closely with our clients to understand their budget constraints and develop a plan that aligns with their marketing goals.

Budget monitoring: We continuously monitor the budget throughout the campaign and adjust strategies as needed to ensure that we stay within the planned budget.

Regular reporting: We provide regular budget reports to our clients, so they can see how their money is being spent.

How do you evaluate a campaign’s performance or adjust it if necessary?

Here is how we ensure a campaign lives up to the expectations:

Reviewing data and metrics: First, we analyze the data collected, such as web analytics, conversion rates, and customer feedback, and identify problem areas.

Adjusting targeting: Next, we adjust the target audience to ensure your message reaches the right people.

Experimenting: Finally, we test different approaches and strategies to improve the campaign’s outcomes.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

We track metrics such as website traffic, engagement rate, lead generation, and conversion rate. These are the measurements that allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Brands Trust Us


”NUOVA Digital delivered good work on this Landing page design and I enjoyed working with them. Their communication was top-notch, they met all deadlines, and their skills were reasonably strong. I highly recommend working with them”


• Founder of Infinity Art

NUOVA assisted our team with designing many digital assets over the course of our time together. We were always pleased with the creativity, thoroughness, dependability, and quick turnaround. Even on projects with little up front direction, the team delivered designs that we were excited to use. We worked on social media ads, marketing emails, landing pages, and other marketing assets with NUOVA and value the design files we received.

Jessica Diekema

• Marketing Director at ELK Marketing

"It’s been a pleasure working with NUOVA Digital. They are motivated, goal oriented and very hard working in the processes. They have a deep understanding of modern web design including tools like Figma. The team also has the ability to implement designs based on business use cases which is very helpful when planning larger web design projects. I would definitely work with them again in the future!"


• Founder and CEO of SerpNames

"NUOVA Digital were an excellent partner for our needs. We built the main pages on a new website together. I really liked that they came both with well researched suggestions to our initial brief, as well as a high level of flexibility to our requests. They were extremely fast in implementation, and very responsive in communication."


• Co-founder SOLO

“They fulfilled every requirement, went above and beyond by maintaining the project timeline despite multiple variables introduced during its progression. It's very rare to find a company and team that can grasp your vision and create a close match with minimal supervision.”


• Head of Marketing @ ClickGUARD

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