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Turn Your Brand into a Captivating Visitor  Experience

Mastering digital customer experiences today is the key to a profitable and prosperous tomorrow.

Engaging Websites

Our team of Web Design and Development experts is devoted to evolving your business from a blank canvas to a full-fledged brand. We leave nothing to chance and work together with you at every step of the process of letting your brand go live and thrive online.

From generating ideas to mapping both your brand and your customer journey to building the solutions that best communicate your brand to your audience – NUOVA Digital is your knowledgeable, skillful, and reliable ally, fully invested in your success.

Website Design

Create Your Outstanding Online Venue for Customer Engagement

Make a great impression and create an engaging experience that converts visitors into customers. Your website is the first customer touchpoint, and it’s vital to make a great first impression. It’s long-established that seven seconds is all you have to do that. Ready to make it count?

We at NUOVA Digital deliver well-designed websites that effectively communicate the unique brand voice, values, and visions to the target audience. From the header and hero section to the CTA and the footer, our expert designers and developers bring creativity, skills, and innovation to the table to craft a website that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

How do we create your website design?

Discovery: First, we gain a deep understanding of your brand, target audience, user flow, business objectives, website requirements, and the message you want to deliver. This also includes identifying the specific web pages and features required to achieve your goals.

Sitemap creation: Based on the valuable insights in the discovery stage, our experts create a detailed sitemap and a wireframe that outlines how the content and the features work together to achieve your goals.

Visual element development: With the sitemap and wireframe in place, we develop the visual elements of your website, including the layout, typography, and color palette. Our experts work closely with you to ensure that the design accurately reflects your brand and meets your goals.

Testing: Before launching your website, we thoroughly test it to ensure the site's functionality and the seamlessness of the customer experience. This includes compatibility testing and performance optimization to ensure fast loading times and outstanding performance on various devices.

Launch: We launch your website and make it available to the public. Our team is always available to provide ongoing support and make any necessary updates to keep your site fresh and relevant.

UX Audit

Fuel Your Customer Experience with Valuable Insights

Increase user satisfaction and boost conversions with a professional user experience (UX) audit. We at NUOVA Digital let you look at your user experience from your customer’s perspective so you can gain the insights required to improve the overall quality of your website and mobile application.

Our experienced UX auditors measure, test, and analyze important aspects such as:

  • Design inconsistencies
  • Design inconsistenciesLayout & hierarchy inconsistencies
  • Usability & accessibility issues
  • Customer journey bottlenecks and roadblocks
  • Outdated content & broken links
How do we conduct your brand audit?

Understanding your business: Gaining a thorough understating of your business and all the elements of customer experience is the first step of our journey together. We study the external factors, such as your industry, market, and competition. Then we look at your brand mission, products, and goals.

Getting to know your users: Next, the NUOVA Digital UX auditors create user personas to better understand your audience. We examine your brand perception, user goals, behaviors, and habits to gain in-depth insights into your customer base. We then translate user insights into user flows.

Assessing usability: With your user persona and journey in mind, our UX experts identify the steps your visitors take to achieve their goals. We carry out a heuristic evaluation to assess usability heuristics and identify any potential challenges or roadblocks that users may encounter. This process enables us to establish ways to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Compiling findings & making recommendations: Finally, we provide you with actionable recommendations in a clear and concise document that conveys the positive solutions for improvement.

UI/UX Design

Stand Out with a Seamless User Experience

In an age of fierce online competition and almost 2 billion websites on the Internet, taking a user-centered approach to design is vital. The NUOVA Digital Web design services empower you with engaging and frictionless user experiences that set your digital product apart and boost customer retention.

Our professional website designer team is fully invested in your project’s success. From user research to wireframing, prototyping, visual design, interaction design, and user testing, our UI/UX design solutions are focused on ensuring ease of use, accessibility, and usability. Let’s fuel your business growth by creating digital products that users love and recommend to others.

How do we tailor our UI/UX design services to your needs?

Discovery: During this phase, our team works closely with stakeholders to understand the requirements of your product and its purpose. We conduct stakeholder interviews, value proposition mapping, and concept sketching to set the foundation for the final product. Our experts also thoroughly study your competitors to gain a better understanding of the industry and identify potential market opportunities.

User analysis: Based on the information collected in the discovery phase, our UI/UX designers create personas to better understand the audience who will be using your product. We also develop experience maps to get an idea of the user flow within the final product.

Design: Next, it’s time to bring the ideas to life by executing the final design. We start with sketching, move on to creating wireframes, and finish with creating prototypes and design specifications. This phase is highly collaborative and iterative, allowing us to validate our ideas and make changes as needed.

Test and launch: Last but not least, we conduct usability testing to evaluate your website’s user experience with real users. This allows us to identify any usability and design issues and make the necessary improvements. Finally, before launching your website, our experts ensure it's fast-loading, error-free, and compatible to guarantee outstanding performance on all devices and a seamless user experience.

Web & Mobile App

Be an Industry Trailblazer and Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, having a web and a mobile application for your business is no longer an option. It's a necessity. With close to 6 million mobile apps globally competing for the attention of users, standing out from the crowd by delivering exceptional mobile experiences is a must. We, at NUOVA Digital, take pride in our ability to create fast, user-friendly, and delightful mobile apps that exceed your customers' expectations and empower you to stay ahead of the competition.

Our team of designers specializes in creating mobile apps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform needs ensuring that your app runs smoothly on any device and operating system. Build seamless user experiences and let your customers enjoy your app's features anytime, anywhere, without glitches or hiccups.

How do we tailor your web and mobile app?

Setting the scope of the mobile application: Our team of experts works closely with you to define the nature of the application, target audience, crucial functions and features, visual design features, specific preferences, and core objectives.

User and market analysis: Next, we perform in-depth market research and analyze existing mobile applications in the market. Our goal is to learn about current trends and customers' requirements, so we can build an application that stands out from the rest by prioritizing UI and UX.

UI and UX wireframing: Based on our research, we define the flow action used in the app’s operation. We use wireframing software to build a blueprint of the app design. The purpose is to ensure a sleek user interface that will engage users to stay on the application longer.

Creating the prototype: We create a low-fidelity prototype that will show you how the application will look like. The purpose is to test and improve the mobile application's functionalities. We also add mobile interface animations to guide user attention, explain changes in element arrangements, and reinforce element hierarchy.

Design file handover: Because we do not offer app development services at this point, the final step we will do is to help you with sending everything to your developers and have multiple discussions with them to make sure they fully understand what we have design so the live app can be the same as the design you approved

Partnerships we’ve built

Featured Projects


Helped ClickGUARD do a complete makeover with a design that effectively communicates the company's value proposition.

Branding • Web Design • Development

Check how we designed & built 40+ pages in Webflow.

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SOLO Fintech

Helped SOLO become the first digital accounting platform in Romania.

Web Design • SaaS Dashboard

Check how SOLO won over 3000 clients in their first activity year.

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Modernizing SerpNames with a complete new design for their website and SaaS web app.

Web Design • SaaS Dashboard

Check how we designed the web app's functionality with a user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets NUOVA Digital apart from any other website design agency?

Our website design services stand out from the other agencies in several ways.

  • A personalized approach to each client, which enables us to create web design solutions tailored to every client’s specific requirements, needs, goals, and target audience
  • Combining creativity, expertise, and experience with passion and art, which means that your digital product will be built in a visually appealing and consistent way to ensure impeccable and meaningful user experiences
  • Top-notch services through cutting-edge technologies and innovation, which guarantees that your brand will stay on top of the game with up-to-date, fast-performing, responsive, and appealing design solution

How will professional UI/UX design bring about time and cost savings?

Professional UI/UX design involves thorough market research, usability testing, and the creation of an effective information architecture. The final product you receive is a well-designed user interface that leads to:

  • Fewer to zero errors that users encounter while interacting with your website or mobile application
  • Easier navigation, allowing visitors to explore your digital interface with minimal effort
  • Faster task completion, enabling users to achieve their desired outcome more efficientlyUltimately, this would save you time and money by eliminating the need for additional development and troubleshooting.

Can I increase my revenue through effective web design?

Definitely! A well-designed website can boost your revenue by providing mobile responsiveness, clear CTAs, and as a result, a better user experience. These factors help improve engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty, ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

How can I enhance customer engagement on my website?

A well-designed UI and UX brings in straightforward and intuitive navigation, personalized content, appealing visual elements, and fast loading times across all devices, which makes a website easier to use and interact with. This translates into increased customer engagement and longer time spent on the site.

Can professional UI/UX design services help improve customer acquisition and retention on my website?

Yes, dedicated UI/UX design services enable businesses to create a strong and sustainable online presence that drives customer acquisition and retention. A well-designed website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing can help businesses to engage visitors, convert them into customers, and keep them coming back.

Does Web & Mobile App Design provide extra branding opportunities?

Great question! Designing a highly functional web or mobile app bringing value to the customer offers an exceptional branding opportunity. It’s an effective venue to engage customers and stay top of mind with users. This is the shortest way for them to interact with your brand and a sure shot to boost brand recognition and awareness.

Is it important to provide both online and offline capacities?

Yes, by offering online and offline app capability, you are going the extra mile for your customers, empowering them to use your app without having to worry about the availability and strength of WiFi or cell signal. In addition, mobile apps can easily leverage the capacities of native devices like camera and location services, which simplifies and facilitates user experiences and enhances engagement.

What are the advantages of creating an app?

A dedicated and branded app offers an additional marketing channel that can contribute to enhanced user engagement. It allows you to stay connected with your customers and send them details about new products, company updates, special offers, and discounts. Designing an app enables you to implement an omnichaneling strategy combining all platforms to build outstanding experiences and close relations with your customers, which ultimately boosts retention and revenue.

Brands Trust Us


”NUOVA Digital delivered good work on this Landing page design and I enjoyed working with them. Their communication was top-notch, they met all deadlines, and their skills were reasonably strong. I highly recommend working with them”


• Founder of Infinity Art

NUOVA assisted our team with designing many digital assets over the course of our time together. We were always pleased with the creativity, thoroughness, dependability, and quick turnaround. Even on projects with little up front direction, the team delivered designs that we were excited to use. We worked on social media ads, marketing emails, landing pages, and other marketing assets with NUOVA and value the design files we received.

Jessica Diekema

• Marketing Director at ELK Marketing

"It’s been a pleasure working with NUOVA Digital. They are motivated, goal oriented and very hard working in the processes. They have a deep understanding of modern web design including tools like Figma. The team also has the ability to implement designs based on business use cases which is very helpful when planning larger web design projects. I would definitely work with them again in the future!"


• Founder and CEO of SerpNames

"NUOVA Digital were an excellent partner for our needs. We built the main pages on a new website together. I really liked that they came both with well researched suggestions to our initial brief, as well as a high level of flexibility to our requests. They were extremely fast in implementation, and very responsive in communication."


• Co-founder SOLO

“They fulfilled every requirement, went above and beyond by maintaining the project timeline despite multiple variables introduced during its progression. It's very rare to find a company and team that can grasp your vision and create a close match with minimal supervision.”


• Head of Marketing @ ClickGUARD

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