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SerpNames is a company that sells aged domains and helps their customers outrank their competitors in terms of SEO.

SerpNames came to us to help them with the redesign of their website and their SaaS Dashboard on both desktop and mobile. The advantage of their business is that they have 7 years in the industry, 12 million domains analysed, and an extremely strict vetting process.

  • Website Design
  • SaaS Dashboard Design
  • Art Direction

The Challenges

Build Trust

The outdated look of their previous website and app were not helping them deliver satisfactory results for their customers due to lack of intuitive UI & UX in an already extremely competitive market.

Highlight Benefits

Highlight the benefits and real value that it provides to customers who want an aged domain to unlock faster traffic and authority.

Intuitive App Design

Designing a clean information architecture and easy to use & understand navigation through the app was the main challenge, especially on the mobile where many of their users came from.

The Solution

Modern Website

We chose a very modern approach with big typography, strong visual elements and clear calls to action to attract the attention of the visitors.

Platform Highlight

We highlighted all the strengths of the software they have and the team and also presented parts of the app so the visitors get the feeling of how the using of the app would be.

Intuitive Web App

Easy to use desktop navigation for new customers. Visual elements with modern approach & clear hierarchy. Mobile navigation with action tab on the bottom of the screen just like a native app, familiar for the users.

Mobile Design
SaaS Dasboard

The Result


Clients in the first 6 months


Average Increase in Website Traffic


Website and app navigation


User Interface for website and web app

Client Thoughts


"It’s been a pleasure working with NUOVA Digital. They are motivated, goal oriented and very hard working in the processes. They have a deep understanding of modern web design including tools like Figma. The team also has the ability to implement designs based on business use cases which is very helpful when planning larger web design projects. I would definitely work with them again in the future!"


• Founder and CEO of SerpNames

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